This is the call for entries.

A short introduction: My name is Stephen Obermeier and I am not a long time member of the PENTAXIANS and I also was not aware of this fantastic facebook group before I came back to facebook in mid 2017 (I took several years of a social media sabatical). In this short time I saw huge number of fantastic work either from pros or amateurs which let's me think of doing something that lasts a bit longer than a post in the group. After posting the idea of creating a yearbook in the group, I got a lot of positive feedback and Béla Nagy, Zos Xavius and Rizqi Rinaldy Mosmarth joined the team for the creation and organisation.

So this is the project: The creation of a PENTAXIANS yearbook for 2017 - the output will be an ebook as well as a printed version of the book (the printing house/s are still in evaluation - they need to have a print on demand service and global logistics and payment - if someone has a recommendation, please drop me a mail

The whole project is NO competition or award. The idea is to show what the members of this great Facebook group have created with their cameras within the last year.

To take part takes just 3 steps:

Step 1:

Pick the ONE image you like the most out of your collection (should be shot in 2017 but it is not necessary that it has been posted to the group before) and save it as jpg - per user one image can be submitted.

The higher the resolution, the better but please accept a minimum size of 3000 pixel on the long side. Panoramas should have at least 1500 pixel on the short side. If you use special color profiles, embed them into the file. (About colors: we have to convert all images to a common colorspace before printing and is is possible that some details are lost during this process.).

Please do not place watermarks on the images - copyright information will be part of the index in the book.

Rename the file like this: firstname_lastname_mmddyy.jpg (mmddyy is your birthday - month day year) to avoid duplicate filenames.

Step 2:

Visit this google online form to register your entry. This is important.

Step 3:

Send an email with your image to (maximum email size is 25mb). You will receive an email when you image has successfully arrived our mailbox.

Thats it!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via PM in facebook or send an email to